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Characteristics of radiation and convection heat transfer in indirect near-infrared-ray heating chamber

  • Hoon-ki ChoiEmail author
  • Geun-jong Yoo
  • Churl-hwan Kim


Numerical study was performed to evaluate the characteristics of combined heat transfer of radiation, conduction and convection in indirect near infrared ray (NIR) heating chamber. The effects of important design parameters such as the shape of heat absorbing cylinder and heat releasing fin on the pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient were analyzed with different Reynolds numbers. The Reynolds numbers were varied from 103 to 3×106, which was defined based on the hydraulic diameter of the heat absorbing cylinder. Analyses were performed to obtain the inner and outer flow and the temperature distributions in the heat absorbing cylinder and the rates of radiation heat transfer and convection heat transfer. As the Reynolds number increases, the convection heat transfer rate is increased while the radiation heat transfer rate is decreased. The average convection heat transfer rate follows a power rule of the Reynolds number. Addition of three-dimensional heat releasing fin to the outside of the heat absorbing cylinder enhances the convection heat transfer.

Key words

near infrared ray indirect near infrared ray heater absorbing cylinder heat releasing fin radiation heat transfer convection heat transfer Reynolds number 


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  1. 1.School of MechatronicsChangwon National UniversityChangwonKorea

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