Performance of cemented coal gangue backfill

  • Zhang Qin-li  (张钦礼)Email author
  • Wang Xin-min  (王新民)


Possibility of cemented gangue backfill was studied with gangue of Suncun Coal Mine, Xinwen Coal Group, Shandong, and fly ash of nearby thermal power plant, in order to treat enormous coal gangue on a large scale and to recovery safety coal pillars. The results indicate that coal gangue is not an ideal aggregate for pipeline gravity flow backfill, but such disadvantages of gangue as bad fluidity and serious pipe wear can be overcome by addition of fly ash. It is approved that quality indexes such as strength and dewatering ratio and piping feature of slurry can satisfy requirement of cemented backfill if mass ratio of cement to fly ash to gangue is 1:4:15 and mass fraction of solid materials reaches 72%–75%. Harden mechanism suggests that the cemented gangue fill has a higher middle and long term comprehensive strength.

Key words

coal gangue fill strength rheological properties mechanism 


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  • Zhang Qin-li  (张钦礼)
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    Email author
  • Wang Xin-min  (王新民)
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  1. 1.School of Resources and Safety EngineeringCentral South UniversityChangshaChina

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