Optimizing cancer survivorship



This paper provides an introduction to a new journal dedicated to research and practice that can improve the quality of health and well-being among cancer survivors worldwide. Given the increased number of cancer survivors and the anticipated growth of this population, the development of new knowledge and innovative applications are more pressing than ever. Cancer survivorship is a major public health challenge. This paper provides a brief description of the target population and the rationale for such a journal. The scope and mission of this journal along with examples of potential topics are also presented. Justification is provided for both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. The Journal of Cancer Survivorship: Research and Practice invites submissions from researchers, research-oriented practitioners and those involved in innovative policy matters to submit their scholarly work to help improve the lives of cancer survivors.


Cancer survivorship Research Practice Policy Multidisciplinary Interdisciplinary Public health 


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  1. 1.Departments of Medical and Clinical Psychology and Preventive Medicine and BiometricsUniformed Services University of the Health SciencesBethesdaUSA

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