Service Oriented Computing and Applications

, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp 315–327 | Cite as

Automatic run-time versioning for BPEL processes

  • Paulo Melo
  • Paulo Rupino da Cunha
  • Catarina Ferreira da Silva
  • André Macedo
Original Research Paper


We describe a middleware solution for automatic run-time process versioning in Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) and then analyse its impact in terms of scalability and performance. Business processes change in response to business needs, but the deployment of new versions to a BPEL engine must ensure that running instances are not disrupted and can conclude following their original workflows. Our solution is implemented as a standalone component that manages versioning transparently to the process editor, the orchestration engine, the web services used by the process, and the end-user. We have tested it for almost 1 year in the production environment of a telecommunications company, without significant overhead in terms of process invocation time.


Business process versioning Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) BPEL versioning Service-oriented architecture (SOA) Web services Middleware 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.INESC Coimbra - Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores de CoimbraCoimbraPortugal
  2. 2.Center for Business and Economics Research (CeBER)University of CoimbraCoimbraPortugal
  3. 3.CISUC, Department of Informatics EngineeringUniversity of CoimbraCoimbraPortugal
  4. 4.Université Lyon 1, LIRIS, CNRS, UMR5205VilleurbanneFrance

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