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Asset monitoring in the service-oriented Internet of Things empowered smartgrid

  • Stamatis Karnouskos
Original Research Paper


The smartgrid envisions several sophisticated services that heavily depend on almost real-time monitoring of the assets and the functionality they provide. High-performance smart metering is the flagship of ongoing projects worldwide. In order to succeed, a service-oriented approach must be adopted, tools for simulation and pre-deployment evaluation will need to be created, and finally, adaptive systems targeting self-X behaviour (e.g. self-management, self-optimization, self-monitoring, self-healing, and self-protection) may raise the level of sophistication once the infrastructure is operational. In all of the above, the constraints set by enterprise services need to be respected and collaboratively tune infrastructure’s layers via active monitoring and control in order to enable the best overall system performance. We discuss on considerations and propose directions that could be followed.


Smart metering Web services Networked embedded systems Enterprise services Performance assessment 


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