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Design of complex adaptive multiresolution directional filter bank and application to pansharpening

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This paper proposes a new 2-D transform design, namely complex adaptive multiresolution directional filter bank, to represent the spatial orientation features of an input image adaptively. The proposed design is completely shift invariant and represents the input image by one low-pass and multiscale N directional band-pass subbands. Here, N represents estimated number of dominant directions present in the input image. Our design consists of two main filter bank stages. A fix partitioned complex-valued directional filter bank (CDFB) is at the core of the design followed by a novel partition filter bank stage. Fine partitioning of the CDFB subbands is used to get the adaptive nature of the proposed transform. The partitioning decision is made based on the directional significance of range of CDFB subband angle selectivity in the input image. Partition filter bank stage which nonuniformly partitions the CDFB subbands provides total N dominant direction selective subbands. Local orientation map of the input image is used to determine the dominant directions and hence N. For better sparsity properties, we design the multiresolution stage with filters having high vanishing moments and better frequency selectivity. Applicability of the proposed adaptive design is shown for pansharpening of multispectral images. Our proposed pansharpening approach is evaluated on images captured using QuickBird and IKONOS-2 satellites. Results obtained using the proposed approach on these datasets show considerable improvements in qualitative as well as quantitative evaluations when compared to state-of-the-art pansharpening approaches including transform-based methods.


Multiresolution directional filter bank Adaptive transform Pansharpening 



The authors would like to thank the Editor and the anonymous reviewers for their insightful comments. They would also like to thank Prof. Jocelyn Chanussot for providing the Pansharpening Toolbox.


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