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Nonanastomotic rupture of thoracic aortic Dacron graft treated by endovascular stent graft placement

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A 61-year-old man had a Stanford type A acute aortic dissection, and the total aortic arch was replaced with 22-mm knitted Dacron graft in 1996. In 2006, he underwent mitral valve replacement and tricuspid valve repair due to severe mitral and tricuspid valve regurgitation. Although preoperative computed tomography (CT) scan suggested pseudoaneurysm around the Dacron graft replaced with aortic arch, it could not be repaired concomitantly. Four months later, in view of the technical difficulties of an open surgical procedure, the prosthetic graft failure was repaired by endovascular stent graft consisting of a Gianturco Z stent covered with an UBE woven Dacron graft. However, during a follow-up, aneurysm sac diameter increased without any sings of endoleak in follow-up CT scans. Redo endovascular stent graft placement using a Gore-TAG device was performed. Subsequently, shrinkage of the pseudoaneurysmal sac could be observed.

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