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Harvest technique for pedicled intrathoracic transposition of pectoralis major muscle

  • Lotfi BenhamedEmail author
  • Jocelyn Bellier
  • Ilir Hysi
  • Benjamin Lopez
  • Alain Wurtz
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Residual upper pleural spaces after subtotal pulmonary resection continues to pose great challenge for the thoracic surgeon. Although not all residual spaces deserve surgical attention, only in special situation (empyema with or without bronchopleural fistula). It increases morbidity, mortality, hospital stays, and costs. Transposition of extrathoracic muscle flaps has been the cornerstone of treatment of this complication. Sometimes use of latissimus or serratus muscle might have been compromised by the incision for the original operation. In this situation the pectoralis major muscle flap (PMF) can be used successfully to reach and obliterate upper residual pleural space by anterior approach. The technique has never been specifically described before in the literature. We describe our technique for mobilization of PMF by anterior approach to obliterate residual upper space after major pulmonary resections.


Pectoralis muscle flap Pulmonary resection Residual pleural space 


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  • Lotfi Benhamed
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    Email author
  • Jocelyn Bellier
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  • Ilir Hysi
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  • Benjamin Lopez
    • 1
  • Alain Wurtz
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  1. 1.Pôle de chirurgie thoracique, Hôpital Albert CalmetteCHRU de LilleLille CedexFrance

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