Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

, Volume 36, Issue 1, pp 11–14

The service-dominant logic and the future of marketing

Conceptual/Theoretical Paper

DOI: 10.1007/s11747-007-0075-8

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Ballantyne, D. & Varey, R.J. J. of the Acad. Mark. Sci. (2008) 36: 11. doi:10.1007/s11747-007-0075-8


According to Vargo and Lusch (Journal of Marketing, 68:1–17, 2004a, Journal of Service Research, 6:324–335, b), service is the appropriate logic for marketing. For them, service is an interactive process of “doing something for someone” that is valued. More radically, goods also render service and have value-in-use. In this context service becomes the unifying purpose of any business relationship. This marketing world-view involves broadening and reframing what by convention counts as service and stands in opposition to 200 years of mainstream economic logic in explaining productive capacity. In our view they have succeeded in applying their scholarly thinking to old themes with synergistic results. Their thesis challenges marketing orthodoxy, and will in our view support much future innovation in both theoretical and practical terms.


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  1. 1.School of BusinessUniversity of OtagoDunedinNew Zealand
  2. 2.The Waikato Management SchoolHamiltonNew Zealand

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