Stabilization for a class of second-order switched systems with saturation constrains

  • Yang Song (宋 杨)
  • Yu-qi Gu (顾煜祺)
  • Min-rui Fei (费敏锐)


This paper proposes a global stabilization method for a class of planar switched systems with input saturation constrains by using a state feedback and switching strategy. This method is proved to be effective by analyzing the characteristics of the trajectory of second-order linear systems with input saturation.


switched system input saturation stabilization 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Yang Song (宋 杨)
    • 1
    • 2
  • Yu-qi Gu (顾煜祺)
    • 1
  • Min-rui Fei (费敏锐)
    • 1
    • 2
  1. 1.Shanghai Key Laboratory of Power Station Automation TechnologyShanghaiP. R. China
  2. 2.Department of Automation, School of Mechatronics Engineering and AutomationShanghai UniversityShanghaiP. R. China

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