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The two congested failing giants: heart and liver

  • Piero PortincasaEmail author
Liver disease related to the heart includes acute liver injury due to the heart, i.e., myocardial infarction, sustained arrhythmia resulting in passive congestion of the liver, chronic passive liver congestion, and “cardiac cirrhosis” [ 1]. Causes of congestive heart failure appear in Fig.  1 [ 1]. Congestive heart failure occurs when patients with advanced heart failure experience persistent and severe symptoms interfering with daily life. Advanced congestive heart failure manifests with typical symptoms (Fig.  1) and, by definition, manifestations occur despite maximum evidence-based medical therapy of heart failure, and reversible causes addressed [ 2, 3]. Advanced heart failure has major socio-economic burden; patients experience recurrent hospitalization, and the risk of mortality increases with the frequency of re-hospitalization [ 4, 5]. We reported that addressing an intensive outpatient management program to patients with chronic heart failure has beneficial long-term effects on...


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Division of Internal Medicine “Augusto Murri”, Department of Biomedical Sciences and Human OncologyUniversity of Bari “Aldo Moro’’BariItaly
  2. 2.Department of Biomedical Sciences and Human Oncology, Clinica Medica “Augusto Murri”University of Bari Medical School, Policlinico HospitalBariItaly

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