Cancer in the elderly

  • Silvio MonfardiniEmail author
  • Cristina Falci
  • Antonella Brunello
  • Sara Lonardi
  • Umberto Basso


A considerable knowledge has been collected in the last 20 years through retrospective and prospective trials on the medical management of cancer in older patients. Today a better approach to prevention and treatment of chemotherapy-related complications in older patients is provided by specific guide-lines.

In this review, a synthetic information on the medical treatment specifically required by patients with age associated conditions for the most common tumor types (breast, non-small-cell lung prostate, colrectal cancer, and aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma) is presented.


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  • Cristina Falci
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  • Antonella Brunello
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  • Sara Lonardi
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  • Umberto Basso
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