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Action of ultraviolet-C radiation and p-coumaric acid on stilbene accumulation and expression of stilbene biosynthesis-related genes in the grapevine Vitis amurensis Rupr.

  • Konstantin V. KiselevEmail author
  • Zlata V. Ogneva
  • Andrey R. Suprun
  • Valeria P. Grigorchuk
  • Alexandra S. Dubrovina
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This paper investigated the effects of p-coumaric acid (CA) on stilbene biosynthesis in healthy cuttings of grapevine Vitis amurensis Rupr. under control conditions and after ultraviolet (UV-C) irradiation. It has been shown that the content of the detected six stilbenes (cis-piceid, t-piceid, t-ε-viniferin, cis-ε-viniferin, t-resveratrol, and t-δ-viniferin) increased after feeding with CA up to 0.5 mg g−1 of the dry weight (DW), which is 2.4 times higher than that under control conditions. Feeding with CA and UV-C irradiation exerted a combined positive effect on the content of stilbenes increasing it to 0.7 mg g−1 DW. In addition, the CA treatment improved viability of the cuttings after the UV-C treatment. The elevation in stilbene content induced by CA and UV-C correlated with induction of stilbene biosynthetic genes encoding stilbene synthases, resveratrol O-glucosyltransferase, polyphenol oxidase, and cationic peroxidase. The data indicate that feeding with the precursors of phenolic compounds could be an effective strategy for activation of stilbene production.


Glucosyltransferase Peroxidase Piceid Resveratrol Oxidase Viniferin 



Dry weight


Fresh weight



This study was supported by a grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (19-04-00063-а).

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  • Konstantin V. Kiselev
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    Email author
  • Zlata V. Ogneva
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  • Andrey R. Suprun
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  • Valeria P. Grigorchuk
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  • Alexandra S. Dubrovina
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  1. 1.Laboratory of BiotechnologyFederal Scientific Center of the East Asia Terrestrial Biodiversity, FEB RASVladivostokRussia
  2. 2.Department of Biodiversity, The School of Natural SciencesFar Eastern Federal UniversityVladivostokRussia

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