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Therapeutic efficacy observation on combining auricular and routine acupuncture for peripheral facial paralysis in acute stage

  • Xiao-xia Liu (柳晓霞)Email author
Clinical Study



To investigate the clinical efficacy of combining auricular and routine acupuncture for peripheral facial paralysis in acute stage.


A total of 60 eligible cases were randomly allocated into a treatment group (n=30) and a control group (n=30). Cases in treatment group received auricular and routine acupuncture, whereas cases in the control group received routine acupuncture alone. Both groups were treated for 10 d.


The recovery rate was 73.3% in the treatment group and 53.3% in the control group, showing a statistical difference (P<0.05).


Combining auricular and routine acupuncture is effective for peripheral facial paralysis in acute stage and has a better effect than routine acupuncture.


Acupuncture Therapy Auricular Point Sticking Point Erjian (EX-HN 6) Bloodletting Therapy Facial Paralysis 






将60 例急性期周围性面瘫的病人随机分成两组, 治疗组30 例予针刺配合耳针疗法治疗; 对照组30 例予以单纯针刺治疗, 均10 d 为1 个疗程,1 个疗程后比较其疗效。


治疗组痊愈率为73.3%, 对照组痊愈率为53.3%, 两组临床疗效有统计学差异(P<0.05)。


针刺配合耳针疗法治疗急性期周围性面瘫疗效显著, 明显优于单纯针刺治疗。


针刺疗法 耳穴贴压 穴 耳尖 放血疗法 面神经麻痹 





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