PWR-FBR with closed fuel cycle for a sustainable nuclear energy supply in China

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From the thermal reactor to the fast reactor and then to the fusion reactor; this is the three-step strategy that has been decided for a sustainable nuclear energy supply in China. As the main thermal reactor type, the commercialized development phase of the pressurized water reactor (PWR) has been stepped up. The development of the fast reactor (FBR) is still in the early stage, marked by China experimental fast reactor (CEFR), which is currently under construction. According to the strategy study on the fast reactor development in China, its engineering development will be divided into three steps: the CEFR with a power of 65 MWt/20 MWe; the China prototype fast reactor (CPFR) with a power of 1 500 MWt/600 MWe; and the China demonstration fast reactor (CDFR) with a power of 2 500–3 750 MWt/1 000–1 500 MWe. With regards to the fuel cycle, a 100 t/a PWR spent fuel reprocessing pilot plant and a 500 kg/ a MOX fabrication plant are under construction. A project involving the construction of an industrial reprocessing plant and an MOX fabrication plant are also under application phase.


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