Upconversion optical nanomaterials applied for photocatalysis and photovoltaics: Recent advances and perspectives

  • Timur Sh. AtabaevEmail author
  • Anara Molkenova


Upconversion (UC) lanthanide nanomaterials have attracted enormous attention in the last two decades thanks to their unique ability to convert low-energy infrared photons into high-energy photons. In this mini-review, we briefly discussed the recent achievements related to the direct utilization of UC optical nanomaterials for photocatalysis and photovoltaic applications. In particular, selected examples of UC-containing devices/nanocomposites with improved performance were covered. In addition, we outlined some challenges and future trends associated with the widespread usage of UC nanomaterials.


upconversion process nanoparticle luminescence photocatalysis photovoltaics 


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This work was supported under the funding from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Grant No. AP05135686).

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