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Gold-doped ceria–lanthana solid solution: surfactant assisted preparation, nanostructural and catalytic properties

  • Pramila Patil
  • Selvakumar Dhanasingh
  • Nallaperumal Shunmuga Kumar
Original Paper


The effect of preparation methods on the formation of gold doped ceria–lanthana solid solution (Au-CLSS) nanoparticles (NPs) was studied. The nanoparticles were prepared by surfactant assisted precipitation methods viz., co-precipitation (CP) and deposition precipitation (DP) in the presence of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB). The as prepared nanoparticles were characterized using BET, FESEM, EDS, Raman, TEM, XRD and UV–Vis. spectroscopic techniques to investigate the preferred method for the preparation of nanoparticles for catalytic applications. The cubic fluorite phase formation of nanoparticles was confirmed by XRD analysis and the average crystallite size was calculated to be around 7–10 nm. Surface area studies revealed that the NPs formed by CTAB assisted method have higher surface area. The morphology of NPs formed by both methods was flaky. Raman studies confirmed that the samples prepared by DP method generated increased oxygen vacancies than those prepared by CP method. In the present work, catalytic oxidation efficiency of the catalysts studied with toluene vapours showed maximum efficiency for Au-CLSS at low temperatures (450 K) as compared to undoped CLSS.


Ceria–lanthana Nanoparticles Catalyst Volatile organic compound 



The authors would like to express their gratitude to Dr. U. K. Singh, Director, DEBEL, Bangalore, for providing experimental facilities; Dr. T. N Guru Row, Mr. Praveen B Managutti, Dr. Sanchita Sil, IISc, Bangalore, for XRD and TEM; Mr. Venkatesha, Chemistry Research Centre, BIT, Bangalore, for BET analysis; Dr. Yogendra Kumar for UV–Vis analysis, Mr. K. Harish and Mr. S. P. Pavan, DEBEL, Bangalore. for catalytic experiments. Dr. Ashutosh Abhyankar, DIAT for FESEM analysis (under DRDO-DIAT Program on nanomaterials No: ERIP/ER/1003883/M/01/908/2012/D(R&D)/1416). The authors also thank Dr. Umesh T Nakate, Chonbuk National University, Jeonju, South Korea for his valuable inputs on XRD analysis. One of the authors, Pramila Patil would like to thank DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Government of India, for research fellowship.

Supplementary material

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