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Outcomes of Long Pouch Gastric Bypass (LPGB): 4-Year Experience in Primary and Revision Cases

  • Rui Ribeiro
  • Sjaak PouwelsEmail author
  • Chetan Parmar
  • João Pereira
  • Leonor Manaças
  • Anabela Guerra
  • Nuno Borges
  • João Ribeiro
  • Octávio Viveiros
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One of the most important complications of the one anastomosis gastric bypass (OAGB) is enterobilio acid reflux (EBAR). We report the concept of the long pouch Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (LPRYGB) meaning a Roux-en-Y with a long pouch and a 100-cm alimentary limb to avoid EBAR, with a long biliopancreatic limb to increase metabolic effects.


A total of 300 LPRYGB cases in a 4-year period, with a 90% follow-up rate, were analysed. Anthropometric, technical feasibility, morbidity, weight loss and comorbidity outcomes were analysed.


The percentage total weight loss (%TWL) was 30.5% at 4 years of follow-up (32.3% in primary and 28.3% in revisions). Six intra-operative (2%) and 28 postoperative complications (9.3%) were seen. Out of this 28 complications, 11 (3.6%) were late complications. Reoperations were performed in 15 patients (5.0%). Clinically relevant EBAR was present in 3 cases only (1%) 4 years after the operation.


The LPRYGB combines the main advantages of the OAGB (light restriction and moderate malabsorption) with the anti-reflux effect from the Roux-en-Y diversion.


Long pouch gastric bypass LPGB Morbid obesity Biliary reflux Hypoglycaemia Roux-en-Y diversion Entero bilioacid reflux EBAR 


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  2. 2.Department of SurgeryHaaglanden Medical CenterThe HagueThe Netherlands
  3. 3.Whittington HospitalLondonUK
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