Obesity Surgery

, Volume 28, Issue 3, pp 850–851 | Cite as

Comparing Apples to Apples. Is it Fair to Compare Suboptimal Doses of Medications to Surgery?

  • Claudia A. Velez-Viveros
  • José G. González-González
  • Marcela Rodríguez-Flores
  • Leonardo G. Mancillas-Adame
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Claudia Analy Vélez-Viveros has nothing to disclose.

José Gerardo González-González reports personal fees and other from Novo Nordisk, outside the submitted work.

Marcela Rodríguez-Flores reports personal fees from Novo Nordisk, outside the submitted work.

Leonardo Mancillas-Adame reports personal fees from Novo Nordisk, outside the submitted work.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Claudia A. Velez-Viveros
    • 1
  • José G. González-González
    • 1
  • Marcela Rodríguez-Flores
    • 2
  • Leonardo G. Mancillas-Adame
    • 1
  1. 1.Endocrinology Division, Internal Medicine DepartmentUniversity Hospital “Dr. José Eleuterio González” and Medical School, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo LeónMonterreyMexico
  2. 2.Obesity Clinic, Endocrinology and Metabolism DepartmentInstituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición “Salvador Zubirán”Mexico CityMexico

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