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Bariatric Surgery and Liver Transplantation: a Systematic Review a New Frontier for Bariatric Surgery

  • Andrea Lazzati
  • Antonio IannelliEmail author
  • Anne-Sophie Schneck
  • Anaïs Charles Nelson
  • Sandrine Katsahian
  • Jean Gugenheim
  • Daniel Azoulay
Review Article


This study aims to conduct a systematic review on bariatric surgery (BS) for patients in the setting of liver transplantation (LT). A literature review was conducted on the PubMed, Embase, and Cochrane Library databases. Studies in the English language on adults reporting on BS prior to, during, or after LT were included. Eleven studies with 56 patients were retrieved. Two studies reported on BS before, two during, and seven after LT. Sleeve gastrectomy was the most common procedure, followed by Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, biliopancreatic diversion, and gastric banding. The overall mortality rate was nil in the early postoperative period and 5.3 % in the first postoperative year. The reoperation rate was 12.2 %. Obesity surgery seems feasible in this population, but mortality and morbidity are higher.


Bariatric surgery Obesity Liver transplantation Sleeve gastrectomy Metabolic syndrome Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis 


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Andrea Lazzati declares no conflict of interest. Antonio Iannelli declares no conflict of interest. Anne-Sophie Schneck declares no conflict of interest. Anaïs Charles Nelson declares no conflict of interest. Sandrine Katsahian declares no conflict of interest. Jean Gugenheim declares no conflict of interest. Daniel Azoulay declares no conflict of interest.

As this study is a meta-analysis conducted on articles previously published, no informed consent is required.

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