Obesity Surgery

, Volume 21, Issue 1, pp 125–130

Changes in Ghrelin Levels Following Bariatric Surgery: Review of the Literature

  • Kevin Tymitz
  • Amy Engel
  • Sarah McDonough
  • Mary Pat Hendy
  • George Kerlakian


Obesity is a severe health issue that is a global epidemic. Bariatric surgery is an accepted, popular, and effective therapy for weight loss. Ghrelin, a peptide secreted primarily by the fundus cells of the stomach, has been found to impact body weight by its influence on appetite. Although numerous studies have investigated serum ghrelin levels following bariatric surgery, there is no solid agreement yet as to the direction or magnitude of its change, or even its impact on weight loss. Some studies have found an increase in ghrelin, some have found a decrease, and others have found no change in ghrelin following bariatric surgery. The purpose of this review was to establish the impact of ghrelin changes following bariatric surgery.


Obesity Roux-en-Y gastric bypass Adjustable gastric band Sleeve gastrectomy Biliopancreatic diversion–pancreatic switch Bariatric surgery Weight loss Ghrelin Type II diabetes 


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