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Laparoscopic Adjustable Silicone Gastric Banding vs Laparoscopic Vertical Banded Gastroplasty in Morbidly Obese Patients: Long-Term Results of a Prospective Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

  • Gitana Scozzari
  • Eleonora Farinella
  • Gisella Bonnet
  • Mauro Toppino
  • Mario MorinoEmail author



Aim of the study is to present long-term results of a prospective randomized single-institution clinical trial comparing laparoscopic adjustable silicone gastric banding (LASGB) with laparoscopic vertical banded gastroplasty (LVBG) in morbid obesity.


A total of 100 morbidly obese patients (body mass index 40 to 50 kg/m2) were randomized to LASGB (n = 49) or LVBG (n = 51) and followed up for a minimum of 7 years.


Mean operative time was 65.4 min in LASGBs and 94.2 min in LVBGs (p < 0.05); mean hospital stay was 3.7 and 6.6 days, respectively (p < 0.05). Late complication rates were 36.7% in LASGBs vs 15.7% in LVBGs at 3 years (p < 0.05), 46.9% vs 43.1% at 5 years (NS), and 55.1% vs 47.1% at 7 years (NS). Late reoperation rates were 28.6% in LASGBs and 2.0% in LVBGs at 3 years (p < 0.001), 38.8% and 2.0% at 5 years (p < 0.001), and 46.9% and 7.8% at 7 years (p < 0.001). Excess weight loss in LASGBs was 41.8% at 3 years, 33.2% at 5 years, and 29.9% at 7 years; excess weight loss in LVBGs was 60.9%, 57%, and 53.1%, respectively (p < 0.05).


This study demonstrates that in a carefully selected group of patients, LVBG is significantly more effective than LASGB in terms of late complications, late reoperations, and long-term results on weight loss.


Adjustable silicone gastric banding Vertical banded gastroplasty Laparoscopy Bariatric surgery Obesity surgery Long-term results 


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  • Eleonora Farinella
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  • Gisella Bonnet
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  • Mauro Toppino
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  • Mario Morino
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