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Advances in Circular Stapling Techniques for Gastric Bypass: The Circular Stapler Introducer

  • Rudolf SteffenEmail author
  • Ahmed Guweidhi
  • Alejandro Metzger
  • Kaspar Z’graggen
Modern Surgery: Technical Innovation



Modern laparoscopic bariatric surgery relies strongly on stapling devices and the perfection of the anastomotic technique is at the core of the patient’s safety.


Circular stapler anastomosis is a common technique for performing gastro-jejunostomy in gastric bypass surgery. In obese patients, transabdominal circular stapler introduction can be challenging and associated with morbidity. To overcome these technical obstacles, we have developed a new device, circular stapler introducer (CSI) to assist both the abdominal wall passage of the circular staplers and its introduction into the jejunum.


The CSI facilitates the insertion of the circular stapler not only into the abdomen but also into the jejunum enhancing safety and swiftness of laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.


Our innovative CSI device facilitates this part of the operation significantly and makes the performance of bariatric surgery more convenient.


Circular stapler introducer Gastric bypass surgery Bariatric surgery 



circular stapler introducer


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