Obesity Surgery

, 18:1611

Evidence-based Review of the Bioenterics Intragastric Balloon for Weight Loss



We reviewed clinical studies performed with the Bioenterics intragastric balloon (BIB) to promote weight loss. Thirty studies were included [18 prospective (5 randomized), 12 retrospective], totaling 4,877 patients. Only one of three sham-controlled trials found a significantly higher weight loss with the BIB vs the sham procedure plus exhaustive follow-up. In nonrandomized studies, weight loss with the BIB averaged 17.8 kg (range, 4.9–28.5), corresponding to BMI changes of 4.0–9.0 kg/m2. Comorbidities resolved or improved in 52–100% of patients. Best short-term results were observed in patients devoid of binge eating disorder with a BMI in the 30.0–40.0 kg/m2 range; the BIB also helped to prepare superobese patients for bariatric surgery. Severe complications were exceptional (gastric perforation and intestinal obstruction; 0.2% each); digestive intolerance prompted early BIB removal in 2.5% of patients. Long-term (≥2 years) results are awaited, as well as well-designed studies to define the best indications for this therapy.


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Bioenterics intragastric balloon

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