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Preoperative Weight Loss as a Predictor of Long-term Success Following Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

  • Sharon Alger-Mayer
  • John M. Polimeni
  • Margaret Malone
Research Article



All patients undergoing gastric bypass surgery at this institution are recommended to achieve a goal of 10% total body weight (TBW) loss prior to surgery. The objective of this study was to determine whether preoperative TBW correlated with 3- and 4-year weight loss outcome.


This study was conducted prospectively at a large teaching hospital. All adult patients with 3- and 4-year follow-up data since the start of the study in 1998 to September 2007 were included. All data are expressed as mean ± SD. Pairwise correlation and ordinary least squares regression analysis was used to determine the strength of association between preoperative TBW loss and weight loss at 3 and 4 years.


One hundred fifty patients (120 females), age 45.3 ± 8.9 years, were included. Their body mass indexes (BMIs), preoperatively and after 3 years, were 52.2 ± 9.8 and 35.4 ± 8.2 kg/m2, respectively. There was a significant correlation between preoperative and 3-year TBW lost (9.5 ± 6.8% vs 31.9 ± 11.7%, r = 0.302, p = 0.0002) and between excess body weight (EBW) lost preoperatively and after 3 years (16.1 ± 11.3% vs 55.1 ± 20.2%, r = 0.225, p = 0.006). Ninety five patients had follow-up data available at 4 years. Their mean preoperative BMI was 52.6 ± 9.7 kg/m2 and decreased to 37.5 ± 9.0 kg/m2. The TBW loss prior to and after surgery (10.0 ± 6.5% vs 29.4 ± 11.5%) was significantly correlated (r = 0.247, p = 0.015). The EBW loss preoperatively and after 4 years correlated positively (17.1 ± 11.1% vs 50.8 ± 19.8%, r = 0.205, p = 0.046).


There is a significant correlation between weight loss attained preoperatively and sustained weight loss at 3 and 4 years.


Morbid obesity Preoperative weight loss Gastric bypass surgery 



The authors thank Dr. Lyn Howard, MD, Professor, Division of Clinical Nutrition, Albany Medical College, Albany, NY, for her assistance in the recruitment and clinical care of the gastric bypass patients and Dr. Carl Rosati, MD, Associate Professor, Division of Trauma Surgery, Albany Medical College, Albany, NY, for his thoughtful review of this manuscript.


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  • Sharon Alger-Mayer
    • 1
  • John M. Polimeni
    • 2
  • Margaret Malone
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology and NutritionAlbany Medical CollegeAlbanyUSA
  2. 2.Department of Pharmacy PracticeAlbany College of PharmacyAlbanyUSA

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