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Physical and functional properties of fried donuts incorporated with nutmeg microcapsules composed of gum-arabic and sorghum starch as wall materials

  • Hira ArshadEmail author
  • Tahira Mohsin Ali
  • Abid Hasnain
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This study examined the effect of incorporation of spray dried nutmeg oleoresin on physical and functional properties of deep fried donuts. Donuts were made by sponge and dough method with the addition of 1% of microcapsules composed of two different wall material ratios (1:1 and 1:3) of gum arabic and sorghum starch (native and octenyl succinic anhydride). The results showed that addition of microcapsules did not significantly reduce the oil uptake in donuts. All the incorporated samples possessed better retention of bioactive compounds and having better antioxidant properties with high phenolic content. Nutmeg microcapsules composed of gum arabic and native starch in a proportion of 1:1 observed to have excellent textural, sensorial and physical properties as compared to control donut sample. The supplementation of GA:NAT (1:1) also showed high antioxidant value with higher total phenolic and flavonoid content. The study revealed that only 1% addition of nutmeg microcapsules in dough formulation can be improved the physical, textural and functional attributes of deep fried donuts.


Microcapsules Nutmeg oleoresin Donuts Sorghum starch 


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