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Simultaneous detection of ofloxacin and lomefloxacin in milk by visualized microplate array

  • Zhoumin LiEmail author
  • Kai’an Yao
  • Xin’ai Li
Original Paper


Analytical method for simultaneous detection of ofloxacin and lomefloxacin in milk by visualized microarray immunoassay without the need of time-consuming or complex pre-treatment steps was reported. A 96-well microplate was used as solid support, in which ofloxacin antigen and lomefloxacin antigen were immobilized, respectively. After immobilization, a mixture of standard solutions containing the analytes or samples and relevant antibodies were added to the array reaction areas, then added silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) labeled secondary antibody (goat anti-mouse IgG). Silver enhancement technique was applied to amplify the detection signals, which produced black image on array spots visible with naked eyes. The signals were detected with a microarray scanner; therefore the analyte residues could detect quantitatively by standard calibration curve. Ofloxacin and lomefloxacin dynamic range were all from 0.05 ng/mL to 12.8 ng/mL. The calibration curve of ofloxacin was calculated as: y = − 0.3446x + 0.4287, r = 0.9849. The calibration curve of lomefloxacin was calculated as: y = − 0.3055x + 0.4797, r = 0.9927. The spike recovery were within 80–130%, and RSD were less than 15%. The limits of detection (LOD) were estimated to be 0.24 ng/mL (ofloxacin) and 0.35 ng/mL (lomefloxacin) (n = 3, 3SD).


Visualized detection Silver enhancement Quinolones Ofloxacin Lomefloxacin 



We acknowledge Jiangsu Provincial University Natural Science Fund (18KJD150003) and State Key Liboratory of Analytical Chemistry for Life Science (SKLACLS1918).

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The authors declare no conflicts of interest, financial or therwise.


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