Evaluation of cress seed gum and xanthan gum effect on macrostructure properties of gluten-free bread by image processing

  • Sara Naji-Tabasi
  • Mohebbat MohebbiEmail author
Original Paper


In recent times computer vision employing image processing techniques has been developed rapidly in order to quantitatively characterize of foods. In this study, effect of cress seed gum as a novel gluten substitute and xanthan gum (1 % base on flour and starch weight) on gluten-free bread were investigated by image processing. Additionally, bread crumb analyzed during storage (24 and 72 h). Bread features selected for analysis were moisture content, specific volume, slice shape, crust and crumb color, pore area fraction, pore size distribution, number of cells/cm2, pore shape, fractal dimension of pore boundaries and crumb texture. The results exhibited, hydrocolloids improved quality of gluten-free breads significantly (p < 0.05). Hydrocolloid addition increased pore area fraction and had positive effect on crumb color during storage. Hydrocolloid by forming thick layer influenced the stability of gas cells and caused more regular and solids pores in gluten-free bread which was more noticeable in breads containing cress seed gum. Fractal values of boundaries indicated that the breads containing cress seed gum had more regular and smooth boundaries. Texture analysis by gray level co-occurrence matrix revealed stability crumb texture during storage.


Image analysis Gluten-free bread Cress seed gum Xanthan gum 


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