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PSDK Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary at IMAT 2020


The PSDK XV: Phase Stability and Diffusion Kinetics 2020 symposium sponsored by ASM International’s Alloy Phase Diagram Committee will be taking place at IMAT 2020 in Cleveland, Ohio, in September 2020. The chair for the organizing committee for the PSDK symposium is Richard Otis, JPL/Caltech. Committee members include: Paul Mason, Thermo-Calc Software; Yu Zhong, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Ursula Kattner, NIST; and Chelsey Hargather, New Mexico Tech.

The understanding and modeling of phase stability and diffusion kinetics have been central themes of materials science and engineering, with merits in both science and technology perspectives. Advances in computational and instrumentation techniques, cross-scale modeling, and novel experimental observations continue to refine our understanding, resulting in design-capable tools for industry and education. This symposium will focus on the temporal and spatial evolution of phase constituents and compositions with due consideration for materials chemistry, processing, and applications.

Topics of interest for phase stability and diffusion kinetics include:
  • Physics- and mechanism-based theory, modeling, and simulations

  • Fundamental and applications-oriented experimental observations

  • Microstructural modeling with an emphasis on using fundamental data

  • Phenomenological expressions and atomistic mechanisms

  • Methodology development and interpretation of data and databases

  • Multi-scale models and integration methods

  • Energetics and diffusivity of crystalline defects such as grain boundaries

  • High-throughput phase diagram determination

  • High-throughput tracer diffusion studies

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence utilizing thermodynamic and kinetic data

  • Application of high-performance computing to Calphad

  • Effects of pressure on phase transformations and microstructure

  • Evolution of metastable/non-equilibrium states

Two sessions in honor of the 2020 J. Willard Gibbs Phase Equilibria awardee Mark Asta will headline this symposium.

Abstract submissions are due by February 14, 2020. To learn more and submit your abstract, please visit:

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