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A Novel Method to Predict the Low-Cycle Fatigue Life

  • Lihong Huang
  • Huan Sheng LaiEmail author
  • Kang Lin Liu
Technical Article---Peer-Reviewed


Since fatigue failure commonly occurs in mechanical equipment, the prediction of the fatigue life is important to ensure safety in the running cycle of production. In this paper, a method is proposed to predict the low-cycle fatigue life. The accuracy of the proposed method is compared to the strain energy criterion and Coffin–Manson/Basquin equation with three different materials. The results indicate that accuracy of the proposed method is similar to the strain energy criterion and Coffin–Manson/Basquin equation in predicting the low-cycle fatigue life.


Fatigue life prediction Low-cycle fatigue Strain energy criterion Coffin–Manson/Basquin equation 

List of Symbols


Fatigue strength exponent


Material constant


Young’s modulus

\(K^{\prime }\)

Cyclic strain hardening coefficient

\(n^{\prime }\)

Cyclic strain hardening exponent


Number of fatigue failure cycles


Material constant


Determination coefficient of a fitted curve

\(R_{\varepsilon }\)

Strain ratio

\(\Delta W\)

Strain energy density

\(\Delta W_{\text{p}}\)

Plastic strain energy density

\(\Delta W_{\text{S}}\)

Complementary energy density parameter

\(\Delta W_{\text{t}}\)

Total strain energy density

\(\Delta \varepsilon_{\text{e}} /2\)

Elastic strain amplitude

\(\Delta \varepsilon_{\text{p}} /2\)

Plastic strain amplitude

\(\Delta \varepsilon_{\text{t}} /2\)

Total strain amplitude

\(\Delta \sigma /2\)

Stress amplitude

\(\sigma_{\text{f}}^{\prime }\)

Fatigue strength coefficient



This work was supported by the Qishan Scholars Program of Fuzhou University (XRC-1689), National Natural Science Foundation Project of China (51705078), and Education Research Project for Young Teachers of Fujian Province (JAT170075 and JAT170850).


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.School of Chemical Engineering, Fuzhou UniversityFuzhouChina
  2. 2.Fuzhou University Zhicheng CollegeFuzhouChina

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