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ZEISS Introduces Interlock Compact 2.4/25 Industrial Lens

With the new wide-angle lens, the ZEISS Interlock Compact 2.4/25, ZEISS is expanding its portfolio of compact industrial lenses by adding another focal length. The lens features a M42 × 1 mount (18 mm flange focal distance) and is perfect for cameras with full-frame sensors and for line scan cameras with a sensor measuring up to 43 mm. “Thanks to top-quality mechanisms and a rugged metal housing, the ZEISS Interlock Compact 2.4/25 won’t let you down, even in poor weather,” says Tobias Breuninger from ZEISS. “Its exceptional optical specs make the lens suitable for high-resolution image sensors currently on the market.”

Just like the other focal lengths in the family, this lens collar is equipped with multiple screws, enabling the user to securely clamp the aperture and manual focus. This is essential in production environments with machine vibrations, and it ensures that the images are in focus—meaning edge-to-edge sharpness. “It delivers low distortion despite its short focal length,” says Breuninger. “As a result, the lens can precisely capture objects at different ranges, such as when monitoring production lines or reading barcodes.” The ZEISS T* anti-reflective coating reduces irritating reflections and provides optimal contrast.

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