Computational Research on Factors Affecting Particle Velocity in a Vacuum Kinetic Spray Process

  • Hyungkwon Park
  • Hansol Kwon
  • Yeonju Kim
  • Changhee LeeEmail author
Peer Reviewed


In vacuum kinetic spraying (VKS) systems, also called aerosol deposition, the particle velocity is crucial because kinetic energy determines successful deposition. However, various factors simultaneously affect particle velocity, which complicates prediction. To address this issue, the factors affecting particle velocity in the VKS process were investigated via computational simulation. The factors were analyzed in terms of particle variables (i.e., particle material, size, and shape factor) and process variables (i.e., process gases and the pressure difference between the two chambers). Consequently, how and to what extent each factor influenced particle average and impact velocity are discussed.


aerosol deposition (AD) computational fluid dynamics (CFD) particle flight particle velocity vacuum kinetic spraying (VKS) process 


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  • Hansol Kwon
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  • Yeonju Kim
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