Journal of Thermal Spray Technology

, Volume 20, Issue 1–2, pp 154–159 | Cite as

The Structure and Properties of Plasma Sprayed Iron Oxide Doped Manganese Cobalt Oxide Spinel Coatings for SOFC Metallic Interconnectors

  • Jouni Puranen
  • Juha Lagerbom
  • Leo Hyvärinen
  • Mikko Kylmälahti
  • Olli Himanen
  • Mikko Pihlatie
  • Jari Kiviaho
  • Petri Vuoristo
Peer Reviewed


Manganese cobalt oxide spinel doped with Fe2O3 was studied as a protective coating on ferritic stainless steel interconnects. Chromium alloying causes problems at high operation temperatures in such oxidizing conditions where chromium compounds evaporate and poison the cathode active area, causing the degradation of the solid oxide fuel cell. In order to prevent chromium evaporation, these interconnectors need a protective coating to block the chromium evaporation and to maintain an adequate electrical conductivity. Thermal spraying is regarded as a promising way to produce dense and protective layers. In the present work, the ceramic Mn-Co-Fe oxide spinel coatings were produced by using the atmospheric plasma spray process. Coatings with low thickness and low amount of porosity were produced by optimizing deposition conditions. The original spinel structure decomposed because of the fast transformation of solid-liquid-solid states but was partially restored by using post-annealing treatment.


interconnect Mn-Co spinel plasma spraying SOFC 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Jouni Puranen
    • 1
  • Juha Lagerbom
    • 2
  • Leo Hyvärinen
    • 1
  • Mikko Kylmälahti
    • 1
  • Olli Himanen
    • 3
  • Mikko Pihlatie
    • 3
  • Jari Kiviaho
    • 3
  • Petri Vuoristo
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Materials ScienceTampere University of TechnologyTampereFinland
  2. 2.VTT, Research Centre of FinlandTampereFinland
  3. 3.VTT, Research Centre of FinlandEspooFinland

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