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, Volume 28, Issue 2, pp 908–915 | Cite as

Effects of Thermal Exposure on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-Si-Cu-Ni-Mg-Gd Alloy

  • Yudong Sui
  • Lina HanEmail author
  • Qudong WangEmail author


The present study focused on the effect of thermal exposure on the phase evolution and properties of the cast-T6 Al-12Si-4Cu-2Ni-0.8Mg-xGd (x = 0, 0.1, and 0.2) alloy used for cast piston.The thermal stability of the alloys was studied in the temperature range of 200-300 °C for exposure duration up to 500 h, thus obtaining the relationship between the microstructural evolution and its impact on the mechanical properties. The fine Al2Cu phase grew into the coarse θ-Al2Cu phases during the thermal exposure, resulting in a decrease in the mechanical strength of the alloy. The thermal stability and stiffness of the Al-Si-Cu-Ni-Mg alloys were improved with the increase in Gd content from 0 to 0.2%.


Al-Si-Cu-Ni-Mg-Gd alloy microstructure physical properties tensile properties thermal exposure 



This project funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51802134), China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (No. 2018T110999), Yunnan Provincial Department of Education Science Research Fund Project (No. 2018JS033), and Yunnan Postdoctoral Science Foundation.


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  2. 2.National Engineering Research Center of Light Alloys Net Forming and State Key Laboratory of Metal Matrix CompositeShanghai Jiao Tong UniversityShanghaiPeople’s Republic of China

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