Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Powder Thixoforged Amorphous Ni55Nb35Si10-Reinforced Al Matrix Composites

  • Z. Nouri
  • M. SedighiEmail author


Powder thixoforging was used to produce amorphous Ni55Nb35Si10-reinforced Al matrix composites from recycled Al powders obtained from ball-milled Al520 end-milled billets. The amorphous reinforcing material was uniformly dispersed in the Al matrix and bonded adequately with it without undesired interfacial reactions. The compressive yield strength of composites with 45% reinforcement content increased 248% to 794 MPa over as-cast samples. The maximum elongation and hardness of samples were 15%, and 60.4 HRA, respectively. The relative density of the unreinforced thixoforged sample was 99.8%, indicating near-perfect compaction of Al powders. The maximum elongation, hardness, and compressive yield strength of thixoforged monolithic matrix alloys were, respectively, 40%, 56.9 HRA, and 747 MPa (a 228% increase in CYS over the cast alloy). In contrast, cold-forged samples showed only 82% increase in compressive yield strength over the as-cast alloy. Powder thixoforging introduced in this study—even without reinforcement—delivers better mechanical properties compared to cold forging most likely due to the refinement and modification of the microstructure during powder ball milling.


aluminum amorphous metallic alloy composites mechanical and microstructural properties metallic matrix powder thixoforming 


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