Plasma-Sprayed Fine-grained Zirconium Silicate and Its Dielectric Properties



The article is focused on selected dielectric and electrical properties of ZrSiO4, which was plasma sprayed by a water-stabilized plasma system. A combination of two feeding distances and three spray distances was utilized for spraying and the structure and properties of samples evaluated. The coatings were tested in alternating electric field to determine capacity and loss factor with the frequency from 100 Hz to 100 kHz. Relative permittivity was calculated from the capacity. Volume resistivity and dielectric strength of ZrSiO4 were measured in a direct current regime. The aim was to test electrically this natural silicate material in the form of plasma-sprayed deposits. Microstructure was characterized by relatively large and non-globular pores. Crystallites were very small, about 10-20 nm. Dielectric losses were small, resistivity as well as strength relatively high. This silicate ceramic was recognized to be prospective for electrical engineering.


electrical properties insulators plasma spraying silica-substituted zirconia zircon 



This work was supported by Multidisciplinary Research Center of Advanced Materials (AdMat), Reg. No. 14-36566G.


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