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Mechanical Properties of Solid-State Recycled 4xxx Aluminum Alloy Chips



The direct production of aluminum from bauxite ores is known to be a very energetic-intensive operation compared to other metallurgical processes. Due to energy issues and the rapid increase in aluminum demand, new kinds of aluminum production processes are required. Aluminum waste recycling, which has an advantage of lowering the cost of electric power consumption, is considered to be an alternative route for material manufacturing. In this work, the way of reusing aluminum EN-AC 44000 alloy scraps by hot extrusion was presented. Metal chips of different sizes and morphology were cold compacted into billet form and then hot extruded. Mechanical properties investigations combined with microstructure observations were performed. Mechanical anisotropy behavior of material was evaluated on the base of tensile test experiments performed on samples machined at 0°, 45°, and 90°, respectively, to the extrusion direction. It was found that the initial size of the chips has an influence on the mechanical properties of the received profiles. Samples produced from fine chips revealed higher tensile strength in comparison to larger chips, which can be attributed to a refined microstructure containing fine, hard Si particles and Fe-rich intermetallic phases. Finally, it was found that anisotropic behavior of chip-based profiles is similar to conventionally cast and extruded materials which prove good bonding quality between chips.


aluminum chips extrusion mechanical anisotropy solid-state recycling 



Financial support from The National Centre for Research and Development under Grant No: PBS1/A5/25/2012 is kindly acknowledged. I would also like to express my gratitude to Mateusz Wedrychowicz, Piotr Noga, Marcel Wiewiora, and Lukasz Wzorek from AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty Non-Ferrous Metals for their help with extrusion process and specimens preparation.


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