Enhancing Thermal Conductivity of Mg-Sn Alloy Sheet by Cold Rolling and Aging

  • Qiuyan Huang
  • Aitao TangEmail author
  • Shida Ma
  • Hucheng PanEmail author
  • Bo Song
  • Zhengyuan Gao
  • Muhammad Rashad
  • Fusheng Pan


In present work, effect of cold rolling and aging on thermal conductivity (TC) of the as-extruded Mg-2Sn alloy was studied. Experimental results revealed that TC of as-extruded sheet decreases to value of ~105.4 W/m/K after 18% reduction rolling. TC increases with increase in aging time and regains the highest value of 126 W/m/K. Enhanced TC of cold-rolled Mg-Sn alloys is attributed to the defects annihilation, residual stress release, and precipitations. The more pronounced rolling reduction would induce more second-phase precipitations, and thus TC of the 18% rolled alloy is larger than that of 5% rolled alloys. Texture is also an important factor affecting thermal conductivity of Mg alloys, and double-peak texture is not beneficial for thermal transportation. The result would shed light on the novel design of highly conductive Mg sheet.


aging cold rolling Mg alloy static recrystallization thermal conductivity 



The authors acknowledge the financial support from National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51525101, No. 51501032, No. 51171043, and No. 51371046), Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University (No.NECT-12-0109) and Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (No. N130510002, No. N141003001, No. L1502025, and No. L1502047). Research funds from Liaoning Province (L20150176, 201501152) and from Chongqing City (CQZJKY2013001, 2014QK263, and CX201407). General Financial Grant from the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2015M581350).


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  • Aitao Tang
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  • Hucheng Pan
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