High-Power Diode Laser-Treated 13Cr4Ni Stainless Steel for Hydro Turbines

  • B. S. Mann


The cast martensitic chromium nickel stainless steels such as 13Cr4Ni, 16Cr5Ni, and 17Cr4Ni PH have found wide application in hydro turbines. These steels have adequate corrosion resistance with good mechanical properties because of chromium content of more than 12%. The 13Cr4Ni stainless steel is most widely used among these steels; however, lacks silt, cavitation, and water impingement erosion resistances (SER, CER, and WIER). This article deals with characterizing 13Cr4Ni stainless steel for silt, cavitation, and water impingement erosion; and studying its improved SER, CER, and WIER behavior after high-power diode laser (HPDL) surface treatment. The WIER and CER have improved significantly after laser treatment, whereas there is a marginal improvement in SER. The main reason for improved WIER and CER is due to its increased surface hardness and formation of fine-grained microstructure after HPDL surface treatment. CER and WIER of HPDL-treated 13Cr4Ni stainless steel samples have been evaluated as per ASTM G32-2003 and ASTM G73-1978, respectively; and these were correlated with microstructure and mechanical properties such as ultimate tensile strength, modified ultimate resilience, and microhardness. The erosion damage mechanism, compared on the basis of scanning electron micrographs and mechanical properties, is discussed and reported in this article.


13Cr4Ni stainless steel cavitation erosion diode laser silt erosion water impingement erosion 



The author is thankful to the management of BHEL Corporate R&D for giving an opportunity to work in this area. The author is also thankful to Mr. S. M. Hussain of HRD & ATE and all the colleagues at Centre of Excellence for Surface Engineering for their help during the course of the work.


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  1. 1.Ex- GM, BHEL Corporate R&DHyderabadIndia

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