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High Temperature Sliding Wear of Spray-Formed Solid-Lubricated Aluminum Matrix Composites



The present work describes the tribological study of the aluminum metal matrix composite manufactured by the spray atomization and deposition technique. The immiscible element Sn is added in the Al-Si alloy in different proportion to see its effect on wear behavior. The economical mineral zircon sand (8 vol.%) of size range 63-90 μm has been used as ceramic reinforcement. The microstructural features showed that Sn and reinforced particles were homogeneously dispersed in the matrix phase. The wear experiments were conducted at high temperature on pin-on-disk wear testing machine. The wear debris and worn surfaces are analyzed with the help of scanning electron microscope equipped with energy-dispersive spectroscopy facility. The Al-Si-10Sn/ZrSiO4 composite offers higher wear resistance as compared to base alloy and other composites irrespective of the high temperature conditions of wear tests.


electron microscopy metal matrix composite tribology 


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