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The Design and Preparation of Transparent Hybrid Composite Thin Films with Excellent Optical Properties and Improved Thermal Insulation by Optimized Combination of Nanomaterials


For a single nano-optical material, it is difficult to possess high transmittance and adequately filter ultraviolet (UV) and infrared radiation (IR) simultaneously. Consequently, hybrid nano-optical materials comprising components of appropriate proportions for superimposing serviceable optical property are required. The design, optimization and processing of new composite blends with an aim to creating defect free thin films is far from a trivial endeavor. In this report, optimum composition and optical properties of hybrid nano-optical material has been determined and improved by crossover matching experiments and ball milling, respectively. Film preparation has been optimized to reduce defects expressed as cracks, tiny bubbles, strips, groove points, corrugation, and formation of acicular fibers by regulating proportion of polyvinyl butyral colloid and dry film processes. Two ameliorative processing conditions are exemplified where the resultant composite films possessed 86% maximum transmittance in the visible range and 90% and 50% blocking rate with respect to the IR and UV bands.


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  • Nano-optical materials
  • transparent thermal insulation
  • composite functional thin film
  • optical property
  • ball milling
  • colloid
  • film defect