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Dielectric Properties of Porous Reaction-Bonded Silicon Nitride with Different Additives

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The influence of additives on the dielectric properties of porous silicon nitride ceramics with 0.6-mm apertures and 56% porosity prepared by reaction sintering has been studied. The results show that high porosity and large apertures in porous silicon nitride ceramics lower the dielectric constant and dielectric loss compared with dense silicon nitride ceramic. α-Si3N4 additive is beneficial to decrease the dielectric constant and dielectric loss. Addition of Y2O3 and La2O3 powders may result in formation of Y-Si-O-N and La-Si-O-N phases, and enhance the volume fraction of β-Si3N4 phase. The transition of Y3+ and La3+ weakly associated ions and vacancies in the Y-Si-O-N and La-Si-O-N systems leads to higher dielectric constant and dielectric loss.

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This work was financially supported by the Shaanxi Education Department Foundation (201890357), Xi’an Polytechnic University Foundation (107020023), and National Natural Science Foundation of China (51002113).

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  • Porous silicon nitride ceramics
  • reaction bonding
  • additives
  • dielectric properties