Enhanced Performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using Perovskite/DSSCs Tandem Design

  • Mozhgan HosseinnezhadEmail author
Progress and Challenges for Emerging Integrated Energy Modules
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Tandem solar cells were developed for improved efficiency in connection with perovskite solar cells and dye-sensitized solar cells. The organic dye based on thioindigo and N719 were applied in fabricating dye-sensitized solar cells as photosensitizers. We achieved an 8.77% and 10.54% efficiency tandem solar cell formed by a top perovskite solar cell and dye-sensitized solar cells based on organic dye and N719 for the bottom cell, respectively. The photovoltage of tandem solar cells was reported about 1.1 V, but the photocurrent was limited by the dye-sensitized solar cells and was about 12.8 mAcm−2.


Dye-sensitized solar cells perovskite new configuration efficiency organic dye 


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The authors sincerely thank the Iran National Science Foundation: INSF for making this investigation possible.


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