The Influence of Various Dopants and Sintering Techniques on the Properties of the Yttria-Ceria-Zirconia System As an Electrolyte for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

  • Payal Sharma
  • Kanchan L. SinghEmail author
  • Anirudh P. Singh
  • Chetan Sharma
  • Sonia Mago


Zirconia-based ceramic oxides Zr0.90Y0.06Ce0.02X0.02O2−δ (X = Ca, Fe, La, Sr, and Mg) were prepared by conventional and microwave processing. The precursors of Zr0.90Y0.06Ce0.02X0.02O2−δ (X = Ca, Fe, La, Sr, and Mg) were prepared by a mixed oxide method and were calcined at 600°C in an electric furnace. The powders were consolidated in pellet form and sintered in a conventional electric furnace at 1400°C for 6 h and compared using microwave energy at 1400°C for 20 min. The structure and microstructure of sintered products obtained by both methods were studied by x-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. Their density and microhardness were also compared. The electrical conductivities of these samples were studied using alternating current impedance spectroscopy. The analysis of the products obtained by microwave aand conventional methods shows that the microwave sintered samples have uniform grain growth, higher density, higher microhardness and higher electrical conductivity than the corresponding conventionally sintered products. The microwave sintered sample of composition Zr0.90Y0.06Ce0.02Ca0.02O2−δ was found to have the highest density and microhardness, as well as the highest electrical conductivity among all of the microwave and conventionally sintered products.


Microwave processing grain size microhardness fuel cells 


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  • Kanchan L. Singh
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  • Anirudh P. Singh
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