Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Pt Based Intermetalic LaPtAs and LaPt2As Compounds

  • Y. ÖnerEmail author
  • S. Avci


We report the synthesis of polycrystalline LaPtAs and LaPt2As via solid state reactions and their temperature dependent magnetic and electrical transport properties. Crystal structures of both samples are suggested to be orthorhombic with a Pmmm space group. Temperature and field dependent magnetization measurements show that the splitting of field cooling and zero field cooling curves (initiation of irreversibility) take place at temperatures just below the Curie temperatures for both samples. This behavior is a characteristic of magnetic nanoparticles. Therefore, we propose that the magnetization arises from nanosized platinum clusters due to partial filling of the available interstitial sites. Temperature (T) dependent resistivity measurements of both alloys show metallic behavior at high temperatures and resistivity curve bends away from classical linear T dependence toward the temperature axis in the intermediate temperature range. This behavior is attributed to phonon induced interband sd scattering. The main contribution to the resistivity at low temperatures is suggested to arise from the scattering of conduction electrons by spin-waves, in the presence of strong spin–orbit coupling due to Pt atoms. We discuss the role of spin–orbit effect on the electronic structure and the magnetic state of both samples based on various nano-scale structures.


Pt based intermetalic compounds mictomagnetism spin–orbit effect phonon induced sd scattering electrical resistivity 


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The author thanks Masaya Fujioka and Murat Sertkol for experimental assistance and performing magnetization and resistivity measurements, Dr. Adil Guler for sample synthesis and Profs. Takano Yoshihiko, JH Ross Jr., Yayoi Takamura and Emile Roduner for helpful discussions.


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