Conjugate Electrospinning Construction of Microyarns with Synchronous Color-Tuned Photoluminescence and Tunable Electrical Conductivity

  • Libing Fan
  • Qianli MaEmail author
  • Jiao Tian
  • Dan Li
  • Xue Xi
  • Xiangting DongEmail author
  • Wensheng Yu
  • Jinxian Wang
  • Guixia Liu


Here, we report a strategy for constructing {[Tb(BA)3phen + Eu(BA)3phen]/PAN}//[PANI/PAN] (BA = benzoic acid, phen = phenanthroline, PANI = polyaniline, PAN = polyacrylonitrile) hetero-structured microyarns simultaneously endowed with the bi-functionality of tunable luminescence colors and electrical conductivity by using a conjugate electrospinning technique. The obtained hetero-structured microyarns are composed of [Tb(BA)3phen + Eu(BA)3phen]/PAN luminescent nanofibers and PANI/PAN electrically conductive nanofibers, realizing efficient separation of dark-colored PANI from rare earth (RE) complexes, and thus the enhanced luminescent performance is obtained. Under 276-nm ultraviolet light excitation, the emitting light color of the hetero-structured microyarns can be adjusted in a broad range of green–yellow–red by changing the proportion of RE complexes. The electrical conductivity of the hetero-structured microyarns also can be modulated via tuning the percentages of PANI. These hetero-structured microyarns, by virtue of their luminescent properties and electrical performance, are expected to be applied in multifunctional applications.


Microyarn conjugate electrospinning photoluminescence electrical properties 


Conflict of interest

The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.


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  1. 1.Key Laboratory of Applied Chemistry and Nanotechnology at Universities of Jilin ProvinceChangchun University of Science and TechnologyChangchunChina

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