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, Volume 43, Issue 3, pp 695–701 | Cite as

SiC Die Attach for High-Temperature Applications

  • A. Drevin-BazinEmail author
  • F. Lacroix
  • J. -F. Barbot


Eutectic solders AuIn19 and AuGe12 and nanosilver paste were investigated for SiC die attach in high-temperature (300°C) applications. The soldering or sintering conditions were optimized through die shear tests performed at room temperature. In particular, application of static pressure (3.5 MPa) during sintering resulted in greatly improved mechanical behavior of the nanosilver-based joint. Microstructural study of the eutectic solders showed formation of Au-rich grains in AuGe die attach and significant diffusion of Au and In through the Ni layer in AuIn19 die attach, which could lead to formation of intermetallic compounds. Die shear tests versus temperature showed that the behaviors of the studied die attaches are different; nevertheless they present suitable shear strengths required for high-temperature applications. The mechanical behavior of joints under various levels of thermal and mechanical stress was also studied. Creep experiments were carried out on the eutectic solders to describe the thermomechanical behavior of the complete module; only one creep mechanism was observed in the working range.


Die attach high temperature eutectic solder nanosilver paste die shear 


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  1. 1.Institut Pprime, CNRS, ENSMA, UPR 3346, Département Physique et Mécanique des MatériauxUniversité de PoitiersFuturoscope Chasseneuil CedexFrance
  2. 2.ZI de Périgny - La RochellePérigny CedexFrance

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