Investigation of the Thermoelectric Properties of LiAlSi and LiAlGe

The compounds LiAlSi and LiAlGe were synthesized and their thermoelectric properties and temperature stability were investigated. The samples were synthesized by arc melting of the constituent elements. For the determination of the structure type and the lattice parameter, x-ray powder diffraction was used. Both compounds were of the C1 b structure type. The stability of the compounds was investigated by differential thermal analysis and thermal gravimetry. The Seebeck coefficient and the electrical resistivity were determined in the temperature range from 2 K to 650 K. All compounds showed p-type behavior. The thermal conductivity was measured from 2 K to 400 K. The evaluation of the thermal conductivity yielded values as low as 2.4 W m−1 K−1 at 400 K for LiAlGe. The low values are ascribed to high mass fluctuation scattering and a possible rattling effect of the Li atoms.

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  • Thermoelectric materials
  • solid-state reactions