Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B

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A Personal Commentary on “Transformation of Austenite at Constant Subcritical Temperatures”

  • H.K.D.H. BhadeshiaEmail author

The first recorded citation of the word “bainite” is in an article[1] published 12 years after Davenport and Bain introduced isothermal transformation as a technique to study the progressive evolution of phases as a function of time and temperature. This long interval is a reflection of the fact that although the phase was named in 1934, it was not used even by Bain and his coworkers in articles published subsequently, referring instead to a dark etching acicular aggregate somewhat similar to martensite.

Anyone who reads the 1930 article, I think, would agree with me that such modesty, although laudable, was not needed given the breathtaking quality of the experimental work and the number of insights revealed, some of which have now become legend.

The sheer amount and depth of experimental work reported in the article is impressive. Take, for example, the dilatometry. In order to avoid complications resulting from the expansion of the dilatometer rods themselves, a substantial part of...


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