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Further Analysis of Dynamic Strain Aging in Context of an Internal State Variable Constitutive Formalism


Observations and analyses of dynamic strain aging in several metals are revisited. Common experimental trends are reviewed. A model of transport of solutes to a dislocation core is presented and predictions of the model are compared to experimental observations. A key element of the analysis is the influence of strain aging on the rate of structure evolution. The evidence presented here, based on strain-rate change measurements performed by Mulford and Kocks in Inconel 600, is that indeed the predominant effect of strain aging is to influence the rate of structure evolution. Estimates are presented for the rate of structure evolution and the extent of transport of solutes to the dislocation core in Inconel 600. While intriguing trends in hardening are observed, no fundamental insight is presented for the mechanism that contributes to the increased rate of structure evolution during strain aging.

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Reprinted from Ref. [7]

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The author is grateful for the support of Saint Vincent College in performance of this work.

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Correspondence to Paul S. Follansbee.

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Manuscript submitted August 7, 2019.

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